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This article is lacking information due to little information given in The Mice Templar series. It is not considered a stub article, but a complete one.

The Crayfish are a species found in The Mice Templar. There first appearance was in ch.5 of Destiny P.1.

Summary Edit

Crayfish live in water and in small groups of 2 or 3. They are large, being about 2-3 times larger than Mice. They are not Gods, but are "Beasts".

Appearance Edit

There first, and only, appearance is in Ch.5 of Destiny P.1. Two Crayfish attack Karic and Ankara, while they are bathing near a waterfall. First Karic teaches Ankara to ride on the back of Crayfish. Then they both grab their weapons, Karic grabbing a sword and Ankara grabbing her bow, and kill each Crayfish.

Trivia Edit

  • Ankara yells "Crayfish" not "Crayfish God", and later refers to them as "beasts".

Source Edit

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